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10 KG Helix aspersa muller snails + FREE

10 KG Helix aspersa muller snails + FREE

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Snails of the Helix Aspersa Muller species already purged and ready to cook.

+Free spices from our garden

They grow quickly in our farms, feeding only on vegetation, without using feed. Our NATURAL OUTDOOR CYCLE method allows us to breed our snails only and exclusively with vegetables , to have a superior quality product both in terms of organoleptic and culinary characteristics.

Their tender and tasty meat makes them excellent for preparing snails bourguignonne, snails in sauce or stewed snails.

* They only need thorough washing.

The package contains approximately 1000 snails.

✔️ Raised in open fields
✔️ Product subject to weight loss.
✔️ To be consumed within 30 days from the packaging date.
✔️ Store at temperatures +6°/+10°

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