Ricetta: lumache con castagne e cimette di bietole

Recipe: snails with chestnuts and chard florets

What better time than autumn to try this delight.

A simple, quick and tasty recipe. Snails , chestnuts and chard tops.

Now it's your turn!

sale of chestnut snails snail italy

Snail sautéed with chestnuts and chard florets - © www.giornaledibrescia.it

Ingredients. (For 4 people) 60 snails , 20 chestnuts, 50 gr. leek, 60 gr. butter, vegetable broth, white Vermouth, vine leaves (if possible) and a few chard florets, salt and pepper to taste.

Method. Braise the leek with salt, pepper, butter flakes and vegetable broth; put it aside. Boil and clean the snails well. Do the same with the chestnuts in unsalted water and vine leaves to finish the dish. Reduce by half four ladles of vegetable broth with butter and two full spoons of the previously braised leek. Add the snails and chestnuts, sautéed after cooking, blending them with the Vermouth. Cook, finishing with the chard florets and creating a light, smooth and creamy sauce.

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