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Once the snails from LUMACA ITALIA arrive in your kitchen, which are already purged and ready for cooking, let's see what steps need to be taken to have a better yield. how to wash snails

The snails must be subjected to careful washing, to eliminate all the impurities present on the shell and on the foot of the mollusc to free it from the slime.
The snails are soaked for a few minutes in warm water, in a ventilated but closed container, filled halfway. If the operculum is present, remove it with the help of your finger.
At this point, an initial check is made on the health of the molluscs. Contact with water awakens the snails. Complete cleaning by rinsing with plenty of running water.

drooling land snails The next step, called deburring, consists of two successful washes in water with the addition of vinegar (one glass for each kg of snails) and coarse salt (two fistfuls for each kg). The snails are shaken vigorously and left to rest for 30 minutes to allow drooling, until the molluscs stop emitting their slime. Finally, rinse the snails in plenty of running water.

Boiling of snails

This operation has the purpose of boiling the meat, eliminating the slime and flavoring the meat. Place the snails to cook in a pan of cold water over moderate heat (remember the lid). boiling snails helix aspersa Muller for sale
Once it reaches boiling point, add a generous handful of coarse salt and some whole cloves of garlic and herbs of your choice.
Boil for at least 25 minutes. During boiling, remove the slime with the help of a slotted spoon.

At the end of boiling, drain the snails. Once the boiling water has been lost, the snails are ready to be used in various traditional recipes.

If used in recipes that require extraction from the shell, we suggest once extracted a quick wash of the same with only bicarbonate so as to remove the residual slime, rinse with running water, so as to have meat ready for your thousand recipes.


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