L' importanza di Acquistare lumache da allevamenti certificati

The importance of purchasing snails from certified farms

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Have you ever wondered why buy from ASL recognized farms?

Surely if you are reading this you are a customer who pays attention to what he eats. For us it is very important to convey the attention we pay to our entire supply chain to differentiate it from the ever-growing market of snails at low prices. Everywhere now in Italy, you can find snails, on market stalls, from new farms, and even collected in the wild and sold (prohibited by law). We have always tried to fight misinformation which can sometimes be harmful to your health at a gastronomic level.

Snails are a delicious dish if well bred in farms recognized and registered in the relevant local health authorities, otherwise if collected in nature or coming from improvised farms they can be dangerous for human health as they can carry pathogens or not be perfectly purged after having eaten poisonous mushrooms, poisonous herbs, etc.

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We have always wanted to excel in our sector with top quality products

Italian excellence

We only use natural food sown by us without using feed

Respect for the biological cycle

The philosophy of our breeding

Who we are…

Lumaca Italia is an agricultural company born from the idea of ​​the Basciano brothers. Andrea, graduated in geology from the University of Chieti, has always worked in the commercial sector and Paolo, ichthyopathologist, graduated from the University of Bologna, working for years in the aquaculture sector in Italy and Australia.

Our lands:

The choice of land was made after a careful evaluation of some factors:

  • Chemical analysis of the earth, important for the optimal growth of snails and plants
  • Geographic positioning of the land
  • Land unworked for 20 years, ensuring chemical-free land

Since its birth it has been authorized by ASL Pescara, by the Ministry of Health number. 012PEL01

Our mission is to guarantee our consumers a quality food, which follows the natural biological cycle of the animal. We guarantee the ideal habitat for snails where they can reproduce and grow in the best natural conditions.

We follow our entire supply chain from the birth of the snail to its marketing, without intermediaries for the highest quality of the product

Controlled supply chain

Our very high quality food packaging follows our snails to your homes for accuracy of quality during the transport phases

Dedicated food packaging

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