Forli', la storia della lumaca luminosa abbattuta a furor di social, l'assessore: "Ma è salva e nel suo habitat"

Forli', the story of the luminous snail killed by social media outcry, the councilor: "But it is safe and in its habitat"

The councilor for the historic center Andrea Cintorino in a semi-serious interview on the inevitable controversy relating to the Christmas decorations on the streets of the center "

The story of the luminous snail killed by social media fury, the councilor: "But it is safe and in its habitat"

The luminous snail in its display in Piazzetta della Misura (Photo Stefania Soldà)

Every year Forlì has its controversy over Christmas decorations. Punctual like Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve, in fact, there always comes the controversy over a luminous decoration chosen to divide the square, especially the virtual one of social networks. At least since these colorful objects made their appearance in the historic center, alongside the longer-standing lights that dominate the streets, there has been no shortage of those who exercise their right of criticism with full hands, sometimes very scathing. This year's victim was the 'Snail' of Piazzetta della Misura.

In this 2020 that is so out of the ordinary - exhausting in many ways and heavy due to the number of victims from Covid - it is almost heartening to know that the traditional criticism of Christmas decorations has not yet been given up. But above all, for a few days the stone of scandal, the large luminous snail, has disappeared from Piazzetta della Misura. Where have you been? We asked the councilor for the historic center Andrea Cintorino, in a semi-serious interview... also to give us all a healthy laugh during this period.

Councilor Cintorino, ready for probably the biggest news of your administrative mandate?
(Upset) “No, what happened?”

The 'Lumacona' in Piazzetta della Misura, where has it disappeared?
(The councilor breathes a sincere sigh of relief). "After the criticisms that were raised on social media, the operators of the covered market in Piazza delle Erbe asked to have the snail in the courtyard in front. I had planned an additional decoration, but they insisted on having exactly that".

Were the criticisms that multiplied on social media fair?
“Every year, as per tradition in Forlì, there is criticism on social media for the bright furnishings chosen. Everyone has their own taste and you can't please everyone. The aim was to attract children with less seen Christmas decor. But now it has been replaced in Piazzetta della Misura by a walkable blue sphere, which is still beautiful."

Some people said that the snail had left on its own, but - being a snail - it couldn't have been very far away. Didn't she worry that she left feeling bitter?
“We knew everything. In fact, we gave it a hand by dismantling it one afternoon and reassembling it in the other position"

Did you hear it? Is the snail sad about the new location?
"Absolutely no. Indeed, being among the vegetables of the covered market operators, it is in its habitat!”

lumaca foto cortesi-2

The snail in the new location (Photo Rosangela Cortesi)

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